MC-Ocean Nutrition Course

Teaching the right concepts and knowledge of wellness

MC-Ocean Academic

Since the startup of the business, MC-Ocean is always improving its R&D for our all-natural health products. In the past ten years, the company helps countless people from all walks of life to live a healthier lifestyle. As such, hundreds and thousands of distributors and partners also strive to sustain the founder’s philosophy; constantly creating courses to help improve the distributor and partners product knowledge and the ability to explain to customers.

Nutrition Course

Holding great respect towards nutrition knowledge, Mc-Ocean organizes courses in the field of nutrition to educate further, expand and boost awareness for business partners to teach and more also serve the public.

The course trained by a professional doctor and answers the questions of the distributors. Besides, doctors will explain the causes, symptoms and how to prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

At the same time, the company will also hold examinations to test the learning results of the distributors. All distributors who have successfully scored excellent results will be on the stage of Splendid Delight Eco Green Gala Dinner and accept their honor!