MC-OCEAN STAR AWARD Witness Extraordinary Wonders of Stars!

With great honor, MC Ocean Chairman Datuk Haji Mansor Bin Ibrahim has officially initiated MC Ocean Star Award 2019! During his speech, he vividly described the ten years journey of MC Ocean, from beginning in Malaysia to the multinational platform as it is today. From focussing on health and beauty to now encompassing eco-green practices and continental trades. Especially MC Ocean subsidiary company Ener Worldwide, whose biodegradable and compostable packaging has acquired national recognition.

They were expressing the sincerest gratitude towards the unity spirit of this big family. The founders of MC Ocean have prepared eight glorious award categories for our hardworking, accomplishing, and extraordinary achievers. Special thanks were given towards Dato’s Sri Dr. Pearson Chia, Datin Sri Lilen Tan, Datuk Haji Mansor Bin Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Yusop Bin Haji Harmain Shah, Director Mr. Sean Lim, who had handed out the trophies delightfully.


As the backbone of the company, employees are one of the most important roles that support the daily operation of the business, allowing MC Ocean to develop rapidly at a steady pace. Thence, Excellent Service Award advocates the achieved employee under the most splendid and shimmering onstage light of MC Ocean Star Award 2019.


The elites are those who shines even under harsh market environment against humongous competitors; they are akin to diamond in the dust. Their efforts and choices have brought about accomplishment, earning themselves The Elite Awards.


We plant seeds and culture saplings so that our posterity may enjoy the shades and reaps of wondrous greens. For this reason, MC Ocean firmly encourages eco-green development and production to provide our future generation better earth to live on. Fortunately, numerous like-minded compatriots are marching together with us on this journey. With Eco-Friendly Award, MC Ocean sincerely wishes you will shine on stage as one of the brightest nature protectors ever.


Life is a voyage in this mysterious world. To some, treading in familiar waters appeals to their sense of belongings; however, to many, we thirst to explore and conquer mountains, oceans, and valleys. To those who strive to see the worlds and journey along with MC-Ocean, we look forward to handing you the valuable Incentive Trip Achiever Award!


Under the detail and engaging sharing and demonstration of KP Dahpnne, the guests of MC Ocean Star Awards 2019 has shown profound benefits of what this ionizing water filter can do. 


The momentum of success stems from repeated breakthroughs from obstacles and challenges. When the local market has been rightfully conquered, the next target would be the international market. Such dynamism is one of the charms of this business: With possession of ambition, conviction, and enterprising spirit, anyone can create their transnational entrepreneurship with infinite potential.


As the saying goes: “Men will be damned to choose a wrong career as women a husband.” Not our ability marks many points in our life, but our choice. We steer our destiny by putting the right effort into the right choice. This shows the importance of joining the right business and social circle. MC Ocean warmly welcomes every newcomer and is determined to uphold our bonds as we look forward to your ascend to this stage with glory and grandeur again!


Harvard students, despite flipping pages through the mountain of books, will participate in co-curriculum activities such as sports to maintain their health. Health resembles our physical connection to this world, while in-depth knowledge of it drove sickness and diseases away from our life. Henceforth, MC Ocean would like to express our heartfelt gratitude with MC Ocean Doctor Distributor & Wellness Ambassador Award to the doctors and medical professionals who have shed light on mists of public concerns regarding wellness.


The efforts of the ordinary focus on necessity, while the efforts of the extraordinary emphasis on breaking the limit of ordinariness. A successful PP that never outgrows his or her need to adapt, while at the same time leading, sharing, and cultivating others along with his or her journey, is a living model that beckon respect. These are also successful achievers that deserve the 7/8 Star PP Award!


Performances of Star Awards have sparked up lifting applauses as energetic dance and powerful songs are performed. During opening gambit, the exciting beat of music and rhythm welcome splendidly and respectably, the Founders of MC Ocean Dato’ Sri Dr. Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan onto the extravagant stage of Star Award. The lively step dances of Datin Sri and strong voices of singers have draw cheerful wows from the crowds, with thrilled claps echoing throughout the establishment.

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