MC-Ocean Ayer Itam Branch Opening

18 September 2018, Ayer Itam


Setting our eyes at the hotspot filled with tourism and fortune. MC Ocean Ayer Itam Business Bungalow has magnificently set sail! 18 September 2018, the founders of  MC-Ocean International, Dato’ Sri Dr. Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan, also as well as many business partners from across the country. Had gathered at “1, Jalan Ayer Itam” to visit this grandeur opening. The MC Ocean Ayer Itam opening ceremony hosted by Dato Sri’ and Datin Sri, leading crowd and good vibes into the showroom.  Each corner of the showroom holds unique views and aspects, prompting many business partners to take photo and selfie with products alike! The whole Business Bungalow is designed with numerous comfortable and pleasant, spacious communal areas, carving unforgettable impressions in the minds of visitors.