Entrepreneur Training

Entrepreneur Training and Education

26th-28th October 2018, Friday to Sunday
IOI Palm Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Honorable Attendees

There are hundreds of MC Ocean’s Distributors of different nations. Including altered states of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and China have gathered to study and learn more from MC-Ocean.


MC-Ocean is passionate in cultivating extraordinariness. Through this entrepreneur training, every distributor can research and learn intimately with the latest company policies, product information, marketing strategies, business mindset, best approaches to problems, solutions in making a successful distributor and furthermore constructing exceptional entrepreneurship.

Product & New Marketing Strategy

As a successful entrepreneur, keen and enthusiastic in learning is a significant “Plus” point. Henceforth, Director Sean Lim has thoroughly explained and analyzed the marketing policies of MC-Ocean.

Dato Sri’ Dr. Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan have jointly directed the talk. By giving out advice and guidance to the latest marketing concept. With creative and graphical examples, Dato Sri’ and Datin Sri had provided everyone brand-new concept of successful path, mindsets, and attitudes of an outstanding business entrepreneur.

Ener Worldwide 

The Director of Ener Worldwide, Knight Premier Murugan, has elaborated on MC-Ocean’s effort in protecting Earth by describing the current state of the world. In the same way, he shows how Ener Worldwide’s biodegradable and compostable products are going to save nature against pollution.

Product Knowledge

At the same time, the training also dives into the in-depth knowledge field of MC-Ocean’s quality product; Hence, many elite in-house leaders, master’s degree-holding doctors, Ph.D. in the beauty industry and nutritionists had come on stage to explain these critical superiorities of MC-Ocean’s products. Also, how to execute marketing strategies alongside product advantages.

On the last day of training, many attendees have ascended upon the stage and shared their thoughts and experiences encountered on the journey with MC-Ocean. Through advanced lectures of the previous two days, numerous distributors have found the answers they were looking for in overcoming the obstacles of the past.

Indeed, behind every happy and prosperous business stories are sweat and tears from experiencing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. A single soul may be feeble, but in numbers, we are unbreakable and unshakable. As a big family, we must support and aid each other, so we brace the business world of unknown and create our height and successes!

The knowledge, correct mindsets, confidence and other unseen wealth provided by the company. Not only would assist and facilitates MC-Ocean distributors on their journey towards success. However, avoiding long, exhausting complicated path, and offer the fast-moving business highway that expedites successes!