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Spring Ceremony Awards

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Spring Award Ceremony

The First MC-Ocean Award Ceremony, Praising Success & Glory!

from Winning Life’s Victory & Praise

9th March 2019

By dint of accomplishing hard miles, our honorable esteem distributors & partners have once again, reap the fruits of their labour! On 9th March 2019, MC-Ocean had organized the first Award Ceremony that have gather thousands into the spotlight.

Thanks a million to the founder of MC-Ocean, Dato’ Sri Dr. Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan, as well as the Operation Director of MC-Ocean, Rachel Wong, for awarding the winning achievers. At the same time, the secret of success shared by Dato’ Sri have created hundreds of light bulb moments for our honorable esteem distributors.


MC-Ocean has always committed to protecting the environment. Encouraging the public to use environment-friendly products that protect and care for our planet. Therefore, this award especially awards those who had made the most effort in eco-green practices.


The potential is infinite for every one of you. Although MC-Ocean distributors came from all walks of life, they continuously seek to break through to surpass themselves. Henceforth, the top sponsoring award rewarded those who made the most effort in personal development.


Teamwork is an essential part of company culture. Exercising unity and cooperative practices not only support others in their journey — however, double the results with half the efforts. The achievers are awarded for their aids in the development of others, reassuring their dynamic spirit of team support.


In today’s society, the art of marketing evolves continuously along with new ideas and executable planning. Such innovative thinking is essential to steadily uncover market while looking after the interest of current patrons. MC-Ocean aspires to strengthen such explorative and creative thinking.


Knight Premier represents the elite distributor, that has stepped on a new starting top through the door of success. For the outstanding achievers, they have successfully ascended the stage to receive reassuring praise and awards of their hard work.


Prince Premier represents the leading distributor that steer the trend of the market, while Top Prince Premier is the very individual who is capable of competing with large enterprises in terms of sales. To be able to thrive under austere conditions, they exhibit the actual quality of success themselves!

The remarkable accomplishment of the award achievers has cast the light of success on others, greatly invigorating others to push on with their journey of success...​

Special Thanks

At the same time, we would like to thank our awesome master of ceremonies, Knight Premier Kiwi and Knight Premier Aidil for the fantastic and engaging hosting. Dr. Shashini’s explanation of health knowledge has given our attendants a better understanding of MC-Ocean products.

During the award ceremony, the management personnel of MC-Ocean has performed alongside others in front of thousands of attendants, creating an equally excellent and lively stage show.​

HOW Seminar Komtar Penang

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H.O.W Seminar
Komtar Penang

The first MC-Ocean H.O.W Seminar in Penang Malaysia, are you one of the thousands of participants?


On the next day of the official opening of the Ayer Itam Independent International Showroom in Penang (December 2nd), MC-Ocean hosted the expected HOW Seminar, which gathered in all parts of Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei's business partners are involved here.

Sharing and learning

Learning is endless. To become a successful person, you must learn from successful people. Learn about the company’s culture, successful systems, and business knowledge.

On the day of the event, several distributors came on stage and shared their experiences of success and the testimony after using the products.

Entertaining and education

It is also essential to interact and entertain in a pleasant and lively atmosphere. In addition to the MC-Ocean culture, the partners present and dance with the guests and enjoy the dance.

Shake It!

Therefore, under the leadership of the founders of MC-Ocean International Group, Dato Sri Dr. Pearson Chia and Datin Sri Lilen Tan, together with all partners and the guests jointly  “Enerfiber Shake” activity.

Learn from the very best

H.O.W Seminar lets everyone know how to succeed in business and health in modern times. At this MC-Ocean, wishes everyone who participates in this event be ready to embark on the peak of their career.

Grand Deepavali Night

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Grand Deepavali Night

25 November 2018

Grand Deepavali Night 2018


Mc-Ocean successfully hosted an amazing 2018 Grand Deepavali Night in Kuala Lumpur. The show is fascinating and joyful! Bring everyone the most memorable night. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the night to receive the health products from MC-Ocean. Lastly, Mc-Ocean is very grateful to all the individuals and partners who have made this event very successful and memorable!